Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stuart Beach Florida

Stewart Beach, Florida, shark attacks hit the news, a man in the vicinity of the Stewart Beach South Florida last Wednesday. In patients with thirty-eight years old kite attached to the sharks and lifeguards at the scene to see him struggling to cope with the school of sharks in the water.

Martin County Sheriff's Office spokesman, Mike McKinley said, kite surfing men before the attack, he was severely bitten by a shark, was dripping blood, when lifeguards found him.

WPBF confirm that the man was suspected to Stephen Howard Stewart Schafer. The man faced with the heart stopped beating, the lifeguard management, he landed, he was declared dead in hospital, he was taken.

According to the International Shark Attack File, shark attacks are on the decline, because the highest number of these attacks in 2000, 79 shark attacks reported during the year. 59 attacks in 2008, a world-class and 71 in 2007.

Interestingly, out of 59 attacks in 2008, 41 reports of attacks from the United States, in which the 41 attacks on 32 people from Florida were reported.

International Shark Attack file is part of Florida, Museum of Natural History, which shows that 57 percent of the victims, these sharks attack Internet users, 36 percent of the swimming and wading birds, while the remaining people.

School shark in Florida waters is a common scene, and a lifeguard to monitor the implementation of 24 hours work to help people in Florida, the beach, but sometimes the victims of shark attacks, which we discovered sneaking Warning helpless victims of their own risk.


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