Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Get 100-1000 daily visitor

To obtain 100-1000 Daily Online actually very easy to just what is needed from us patience, perseverance and diligence. I'll give trick to your blog / website have a friend watch Daily Visitor 100-1000 steps.

In the blog make sure a friend has a lot of articles and interesting

Metadata very big role in this trick for the visitors can rate the article and got the information from blog friends, if friends are new to blogging using copy and paste the article on the condition of people put the original url.

Expand activities at the blog friends

visitors will feel welcome and frequent visitor of our blog when the user-friendly is not difficult in view and comfortable in the eye. how to reproduce such activities discussions, held over online prizes, etc. This trick opens creativity friends.

Promote a way blogwalking

This trick is also very influential without the promotion of our blog will not be heard by other blogs and do blogwalking yaiut visiting other blogs and comment on the blog so the blog owner will be visiting back friends to the blog.

Subscribe my blog friends to the director

This trick I could in http://abibakarblog.com. why should the list because blogs are quickly indexed by the following search engines try to list 10 list of directories.











Swap links with other blogs

when a friend was doing a link exchange offer blogwlaking mean other blogs link in pairs on the blog friends, friends can see a list of links on this blog MY FRIENDS AND UG. This trick is useful for assessing backlink blog friends in cyberspace.

Looks like 5 trick was enough coz I can only do 5 tricks that can only see a friend's number of visitors on this blog I suggest Read Tips and Tricks Increasing Number of Comments and How to Improve Online Cheating Blog

may be useful for all, do not forget to leave a comment after reading it ..


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