Sunday, February 7, 2010

Make Money Online for Beginner

I slapped this link at the bottom of my last post "The Third Tribe Review" and have felt bad because I didn't give it the props it deserves - especially in light of the amount of beginners I get on this site.

Before any of you get carried away becoming an Internet Marketer there are a few basic elements to this game that you really need to know to succeed. One of those basic elements is Backlinks and Allyn Hane has put together a pretty comprehensive post on his site entitled;

Everything you Need to Know About Backlinks

Go read it and watch the videos. There are no sales pitches or promos - it's a straight up tutorial for those looking for real guidance. Learn about Backlinks - it's important.

For my regulars - some entertainment - ever wonder why I avoid the Warrior Forum?

Griz gets Slagged



Additional Reading - Jason is back and posting again - The University Kid and he has a good post on How to Make Money with Adsense that's worth reading. You learn how to BackLink in order to bring in targeted traffic that will convert with Adsense. You need to understand how the two tie together in order to create the kind of passive income you all hope to achieve. Go... read.


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